With many years experience working with many different technologies, we are able to bring expertise with a number of new and not-so-new technologies.

Embedded Software Development presents some of the greatest challenges in software development, with its requirement to run reliably and unattended. We have many years experience working in the automotive field, where safety if of prime importance.

    • We have built stable, real-time, multiprocessor systems using PowerPC and TriCore processors.
    • We have experience writing low level software that has to interact directly with the hardware.
    • Our experience extends through the middleware layers, through the Operating System and communication blocks.
    • Our experience extends further up to the highest levels of the embedded software, whether written in C, or in the simulation and modelling tool Simulink.
    • We can integrate all these layers and modules into a working system.

Application Software Development presents very different challenges to embedded development. Regardless of the programming language used, be it C++ or C#, we bring the stability of the best embedded software to our application development. Application software must run in a much less controlled environment than most embedded software has to cope with. Whether a Microsoft Windows PC, a Linux Workstation, or an Apple laptop, users expect speed, stability and ease of use.

    • Our jewel in the crown of application software was the development of a large, networked system that was used to configure the Engine Control Unit in a Formula 1 racing car.
    • We have implemented communication protocols for controlling embedded systems.
    • We have integrated applications with SQL servers.
    • We have built flexible, responsive user interfaces.
    • We have designed the software architecture for systems with 30 - 50 concurrent users.
    • We bring the same attention to speed and stability that we bring to our embedded software development.
    • We are able to support your legacy system written using Microsoft COM and MFC.
    • Technologies used include C++, COM, MFC, C#, .Net, SQL, Boost, Qt