Project Management

In addition to our software development and engineering expertise, we can take care of your project management needs. The project management triangle is well known, as are the challenges hidden behind this simple diagram:

The project management triangle

The three constraints on any project are time, cost and scope, and the role of the project manager is to bring the project to completion on time, in budget and with the required features all implemented to a high quality. This is not easy to achieve, but we have experience in leading successful projects and bringing them to completion. The best development engineers in the world will only be successful if they have a strong, competent project management behind them, and we are able to supply that level of project management expertise and experience.

We are experienced in the use of the tools used by a successful project manager. We are also experienced in the use of the tools that a development team should use to ensure that the project plan is executed successfully. These developer tools include code repositories, bug tracking systems, software integration, release planning and release management.