We have many years experience working in the automotive sector, gaining experience in some of the best engineering companies in the world today. This experience is now available to your company as you work in partnership with us.

Engine Control

We have worked with some of the top teams in Formula 1 racing, as well as with one of the leading German luxury car brands. These are two of the most demanding areas of automotive development, and we have worked with the high-performance petrol-fuelled engines used in the top level of motorsport, as well as with the electric motors used in the next generation of electric and hybrid road cars.

High-performance Data Loggers

A key part of any high-performance control system is the reliable collection of data for online and offline analysis. Online analysis is needed during product development to ensure that the system is working as specified, and to enable users and engineers to monitor the system to prevent damage to expensive equipment. Offline data analysis is needed to fine-tune control algorithms, ensuring that the system runs at an optimal level. We have experience with the development of high-performance data loggers, presenting the data in custom user interfaces, as well as in third-party tools such as MATLAB.


Another key part of the developemnt process is ECU calibration, and here we also have much experience. We are familiar with the standard calibration protocols used witin the automotive sector, namely XCP and the A2L file format. We can help you integrate your ECU with calibration tools, and we are also working on our own calibration tool, offering a fully-customisable solution for your next project.